With Direct Skills - safety always comes first. We know that, under “best practice” and through industry experience, the best way to ensure our Team Members welfare is to have a proactive safety culture driven from within our organization. It all starts when new Candidates apply for a position with us - completing comprehensive pre-employment reference checks, safety being a key aspect of this process. All new Team Members are inducted into the Direct Skills safety culture and are supplied with information on our Safety Policies, Procedures and Processes.


Our Safety expectations are explained in full to all new Team Members – ensuring all parties are confident in achieving our policy of No Accidents - No Injuries. We treat safety as a team game at Direct Skills, where every Team and Staff Member must work together in harmony to achieve this goal.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility, every day!


This is the mantra we promote with all of our Clients on every Project - our people are highly valued by Direct Skills and our proactive safety culture is second to none.

Direct Skills is committed every day in ensuring that no team member is injured and this requires a wide range of safety initiatives.


We try to keep a very high awareness everyday on safety and therefore have different solutions that aim to keep that awareness so that any hazards are eliminated proactively.


The following is an example of some of the safety initiatives that Direct Skills has incorporated into our safety management system that supports our goal of Zero Injuries.


  • All sites are evaluated prior to any construction team member going onsite.
  • All sites have regular safety checks by our support team members.
  • All team members receive a “safety update” every week in our Direct News.
  • All team members receive a text message once a week highlighting a key safety message.
  • All sites where Direct Skills team members work conduct weekly safety observations.
  • Our support team members meet weekly to review our safety performance and issues.

Safety is Everyone’s responsibility, Everyday! That is our motto at Direct Skills which was developed to ensure our goal of Zero Injuries was clearly understood by our team members.


Our safety strategy is supported by a comprehensive safety's management system that clearly articulates all our policies, processes and procedures as well as our safety initiatives.


Our safety management system is incorporated into our daily activities at Direct Skills. The system is centred around the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, Legislation, Regulations 2012, Codes of Practices, Professional Industry advice and is a readily available for viewing by Clients, Team and Staff Members at our offices at any time.


No matter where your work, project or business takes you in Australia, you can contact us via the details below and one of our committed Team Members will assist you with your labour hire and recruitment needs:


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