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How can Direct Skills assist in achieving my project goals?

Direct Skills gives you the ability to meet specific project milestones by giving you the flexibility to increase (or decrease) your workforce, as your works program requires. Together with our commitment to our Values – Direct Skills offers the ideal solution to your project staffing requirements.

How does Direct Skills complement our site OHS&W requirements?

Direct Skills has a proud track record of proactively managing our Safety & Welfare obligations to our workforce. A key aspect in achieving this commitment is the continual liaison and cooperation with our clients to achieve the very best safety outcomes. Our nominated safety representatives will work with our Team Members and Clients to ensure that everyone benefits from the highest level of safety.

What industries does Direct Skills specialise in?

Direct Skills has strong history and experience across the broader construction industry. We offer services to the Civil, Building, Rail, Water, Gas and Mining sectors – click here to read more.

What types of roles does Direct Skills specialise in?

Direct Skills offers a very broad and highly skilled workforce of trained and ticketed construction professionals. From General Labourers to qualified Trades and Operators, we can assist you with all your site staffing requirements. For a detailed list of some of the skills we offer, see our Positions catalogue.

Where does Direct Skills operate?

With offices in major centres across Australia, Direct Skills has an established network that enables us to deliver service and support from projects in capital cities through to remote worksites. Direct Skills has experience in resource management at a local, regional and interstate level, giving us the ability to source key personnel when and where you need them. Please also see our Locations page for more information.

I’ve never used labour hire before – how does it work?

Direct Skills is proud to assist our valued clients with a level of workforce flexibility that ensures maximum project performance. Engaging with us to assist in managing your project workforce gives you the ability to upsize or downsize your labour hire workforce on a project-needs basis. Our Team Members remain employees of Direct Skills – so we take care of all payroll, statutory, workers’ compensation insurance and other employment-related functions, giving you the ability to focus on delivering your project milestones.



How important are my tickets and experience?

One of the biggest keys to the success of Direct Skills and its Team Members is the strong recognition we place on accreditations and experience. Make sure you let us know (and provide us with details) about any tickets, qualifications or experience you have, so that we can assist you in finding an assignment that gives you the best opportunity to demonstrate your abilities.

If I work with Direct Skills, who am I actually employed by?

Labour Hire is a unique industry in that, no matter where Direct Skill’s assignments take – working alongside some of Australia’s most dynamic, exciting and innovative clients and projects - you remain an employee of Direct Skills. We are proud to offer exceptional Team Member services and support, so no matter where you are or who you’re working with – we’re with you every step of the way.

I’ve never applied to a labour hire company – how does it work?

Working for Direct Skills opens up exciting opportunities and challenges which are unique in the construction industry. Successful applicants are inducted as Direct Skills Team Members - skills and experience are valued and utilised to identify the best possible assignments. We work with our Clients and Team Members to identify positions which can take you onto key local projects through to major nation-building endeavours. Along the way, you remain a valued Team Member – send us your timesheet with all those hours of hard work, and we will pay you on-time.

In a nutshell – what is Direct Skills’ recruitment process?

Direct Skills manages a complete recruitment process, ensuring that those inducted as our Team Members are ready, willing and able to get the job done! We will ask you to submit your resume and complete a questionnaire on-line, giving us a comprehensive insight into your experience. Then, if you’ve got the background we’re looking for, we will invite you in for a face-to-face interview and induction process. Remember to bring your tickets and licenses as proof of experience.

Once the induction process is complete and you have been accepted as a Direct Skills Candidate – our Operations Team will work to match you with an appropriate assignment.Remember – this may take time.

No matter where your work, project or business takes you in Australia, you can contact us via the details below and one of our committed Team Members will assist you with your labour hire and recruitment needs:


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